Monday, 14 April 2008

Another great find! Fancy a Free DVD

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Ok, so, last week I mentioned the 1000 creme eggs competition and 100,000 buttons competition that I had come across. Well, I got an email from Fair Exchange about more competitions up for grabs, and in the newsletter there was a prompt through to a site called the Free DVD Club.

I checked out the site and it looked pretty good.
Not a competitions site but a freebie site, and not rubbish freebies, but an actual DVD.

A pretty awesome quote on the Free DVD Club website -
Laura Clarke says on the 'FreeUK Stuff' website: "Absolute perfect freebie Turns up less than a week after requested in a nice white padded envelope. DVD... with full graphics and bumph 10 out of ten"

So I figured, why not. I’ve registered for competitions through Fair Exchange before and had no problems, so I registered for Free DVD Club.

First of all I selected my DVD, I choose Matrix Reloaded (There are loads of DVDs to choose from across loads of genres) and then went through a pretty normal registration process, pretty similar to Fair Exchange asking me for my name and address - for posting purposes I guess, my telephone number and age, sex and marital status.

Then I went through a 12 page survey - pretty general stuff, and then at the end of the survey it said my DVD was on its way.

That was 4 days ago, I received my copy of Matrix reloaded this morning, and to be honest, even though it said I was going to get a free DVD, I still had my suspicions, but there it was, on the floor by the door, my very own copy of Matrix Reloaded, all for filling out a quick survey, not bad ey? Great freebie and something for nothing.

Check it out at and see what you can get your hands on.

Readers - lets share our great freebie experiences and post so others can read about them

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