Monday, 14 April 2008

Another great find! Fancy a Free DVD

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Ok, so, last week I mentioned the 1000 creme eggs competition and 100,000 buttons competition that I had come across. Well, I got an email from Fair Exchange about more competitions up for grabs, and in the newsletter there was a prompt through to a site called the Free DVD Club.

I checked out the site and it looked pretty good.
Not a competitions site but a freebie site, and not rubbish freebies, but an actual DVD.

A pretty awesome quote on the Free DVD Club website -
Laura Clarke says on the 'FreeUK Stuff' website: "Absolute perfect freebie Turns up less than a week after requested in a nice white padded envelope. DVD... with full graphics and bumph 10 out of ten"

So I figured, why not. I’ve registered for competitions through Fair Exchange before and had no problems, so I registered for Free DVD Club.

First of all I selected my DVD, I choose Matrix Reloaded (There are loads of DVDs to choose from across loads of genres) and then went through a pretty normal registration process, pretty similar to Fair Exchange asking me for my name and address - for posting purposes I guess, my telephone number and age, sex and marital status.

Then I went through a 12 page survey - pretty general stuff, and then at the end of the survey it said my DVD was on its way.

That was 4 days ago, I received my copy of Matrix reloaded this morning, and to be honest, even though it said I was going to get a free DVD, I still had my suspicions, but there it was, on the floor by the door, my very own copy of Matrix Reloaded, all for filling out a quick survey, not bad ey? Great freebie and something for nothing.

Check it out at and see what you can get your hands on.

Readers - lets share our great freebie experiences and post so others can read about them

Baked bean diet wins weight loss competition

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Found this great storry the other day about a man that lost 10 stone in 9 months by eating nothing but baked beans - a true rival to the atkins diet! What a competition.

Neil King, a mechanic from Essex, claims that the diet, which has seen him munch through 1,500 cans of beans, caused his weight to fall from 30 stone to just under 20 stone, reports the Daily Mirror.

The 40-year-old was given the incentive to lose weight when doctors warned him that his old diet would put him at risk of bowel cancer, which killed his mother.

Mr Kings used to consume a pack of biscuits for breakfast, two chocolate bars as a snack, a full English breakfast at lunch, a couple of packets of crisps and a roast dinner every day.

To finish, he would then sip up to eight pints of lager and pick up a kebab for supper.

Speaking to the paper about the new diet, Mr King said: "Some people think I'm mad but I love the taste and the weight has been dropping off."

Earlier this week, a Canterbury man announced he would spend the next year eating nothing but food he has foraged - including wild mushrooms, berries and roadkill, according to the Daily Mail.

I'm not a massive fan of all these crazy diets - all things in moderation I say - 3 meals a day, 3 gym sessions in a week - sees me through. Each to their own I suppose! What works for one doesnt work for all I guess.