Thursday, 10 April 2008

Wolf offers friendship to goat

And the winner of the most unlikely sweethearts competition goes too......... a wolf and a goat

A Chinese zoo have reported that a goat and a wolf have become best friends after being accidentally introduced at White Tower Park zoo in Nanchong City.

Keeper Mr Xu told the paper that the wolf bolted from its unlocked cage when a goat was let out to eat and began howling at the frightened animal."The goat was so scared you could see her legs shaking," he explained.Mr Xu separated the two animals but later noticed over the next two nights they "exchanged howls and baas".

After five days, he decided to put the traditional predator and prey in the same cage."We thought, since they so much wanted to, why not put them together? It's really rare for a wolf and a goat to be so close," he said.

The two are now inseparable and Mr Xu claims that if the goat goes away, the wolf will howl until she returns.Last month, reported that a Great Dane and a tiny Tibetan kitten have stunned locals in Auckland by becoming close pals.

Another great random story.

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